Training for CBD Home Business

Training for CBD Home Business

If you are not already in a CBD Home Business, Join Here

Are you looking for training to help you succeed in Hempworx? Well, you found it. I bet you want to know how to make money the fastest with this company. I’m going to go through the essentials on how to get started and how to thrive.

If you treat this business as a serious profession, it will pay you back like a serious profession. Want to make a Dr.’s salary? Great! You can. Want to barely scrape by? You can do that too. The difference is in what you bring to it. If you put in consistent action and don’t stop, you will succeed. I will tell you that it is so worth it.

It’s not difficult and you don’t need much to get started. I have been successful and when I joined, I knew nothing. Now, I work from home and love it.

How to Join

If you haven’t signed up yet, I recommend getting started with an Executive Pack. It sets you up to make 50% commission and you can keep your Executive Rank the following months by purchasing a director pack (4 pack) each month.

Why do you need to keep ordering each month? One, you will want more product for yourself because it’s quality. Two, this creates residual income when everyone is ordering month after month. Three, it is your business and why would you not keep investing in yourself? If you are not buying it, why should anyone else?

What should you order each month?

Builder rank- 30% commissions *purchase 1 product

Director rank – 35% commissions *purchase a 4 pack

Executive rank – 50% commissions *purchase a 12 pack ( OR 2 of the 4 packs)

*** To maintain executive rank after your initial exec purchase you only need 1 four pack each month

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How to Rank Advance

You need 3,000 BV to hit Executive Rank, 5,000BV with no more than 2500BV from a single leg to hit 5K Rank, 10,000BV to hit 10K Rank, 25,000BV to hit 25K all the way up to 250K to Super Affilliate.

How to Promote CBD
  1. Take CBD so you know your product
  2. Promote CBD- Find a lead generation system that works and use it.
  3. Share your landing page website with people
  4. Once you get a paid affiliate, teach them your lead generation and how to share their landing page
  5. Do this all over again, until you are massively happy and successful
  6. Work with your leaders to find leaders

Bottom Line:

You’ve started your own business. Tell your friends and loved ones about it so they have an opportunity to support you. If your brother just opened a restaurant, you’d tell anyone and everyone about it to get the word out. Not to mention, you would not eat anywhere else just to show your support. This is what we do! Don’t be afraid to tell your loved ones what you are doing. They can’t support you if you don’t give them a chance.

Advertise! All business owners have to market their business or nobody will know about it. The trick is to get eyeballs on your website. Invest in lead generation and set a goal of getting 40-60 leads a day.  Be consistent with your efforts and watch your business grow.

How Do I Rank the Fastest

Help 5 Affiliates get to 5K and you instantly become 25K

Help 5 get to 10K and you instantly become 50K

Help 4 get to 25K and you become 100K

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