Top 5 Ways CBD Coffee and Dry Fasting Can Eliminate Inflammation Problems

Top 5 Ways CBD Coffee and Dry Fasting Can Eliminate Inflammation Problems

For those of you have been following my journey are well aware of, I have lost a lot of weight by combining two health and wellness trends. I’m talking about soft dry fasting and CBD coffee. By drinking 1 CBD coffee during a 24 hour dry fast, I am giving my body just the right amount of nutrition to burn calories while maintaining optimal energy levels. This marriage in lifestyle choices has reaped so many beneficial results. My skin is glowing, my estrogen levels have balanced, and best of all…my inflammatory responses are lower.

While I started this journey hoping to lose weight, it’s all the additional benefits that keep me coming back for more. When I first made a change in lifestyle choices, it began with CBD coffee. I noticed almost immediately that my gut issues were improving. However, trying dry fasting is when the rest of my problems ceased. My mood lightened. Soon after, I realized this lightened mood matched my glowing skin in vibrancy!

So, I got to wondering…what was causing these drastic changes? Then, it hit me. The underlying cause of everything that was wrong with my system boils down to one thing…inflammation.

That’s right. Inflammations are behind everything from:

  • Mood Swings
  • Weight Gain
  • Skin Conditions
  • General Health Problems
  • Declining Energy Levels
  • Increased Stress

It blew my mind how different I felt. So, I dug a bit deeper and did some research. All roads pointed to one conclusion…combining CBD coffee and dry fasting is a 1-2 punch that inflammation can’t resist. Here are the top 5 ways CBD coffee and dry fasting can eliminate inflammation problems.

  1. Fasting Causes Promotes Autophagy

Do you think recycling is important for the sustainability of the earth? Well, your cells feel that way about the sustainability of your body as well. That is why your system has a built-in recycling service. It’s known as autophagy and an ideal way to trigger this process is through fasting.

The word “autophagy” translates to “self-eating.” It’s a natural process where cells consume dying or dead tissues. From there, they strip the cells of anything useful. These cells take the valuables and use them in ways to create new cells or rejuvenate ones that are still salvageable.

Knowing that autophagy is an actual process exemplifies that we eat too much as a society. The purpose of eating is to acquire energy. Yet, one-third of the population is considered overweight. This goes to show that we aren’t making the most out of the energy we consume. That’s because we’re consuming far more energy than we will ever use!

It’s our body’s natural instinct to look for energy sources from within at moments of hunger. However, the body never gets to partake in this ritual. That’s because we are too busy eating.

In addition, the foods that we consume are chock-full of synthetic ingredients such as GMOs, dyes, and artificial sweeteners. Our body can’t break these unnatural ingredients down. Therefore, they stockpile. This clogs up the system, creating a breeding ground for inflammation.

Inflammations like to spur up under dead cells and tissue. Yup. The same dead cells and tissues that are used in autophagy. If you practice fasting, the dead tissue won’t build up, keeping inflammations at bay.

  1. Fasting Lowers Production of Leukotriene B4

One of the problems with eating is that we are consuming are the harmful molecules in our food sources. This means the hormones pumped in our meats that cause adrenal fatigue. It also includes the pesticides used to grow our vegetables that may cause the growth of free radicals. In other cases, it’s the breakdown of lipids that cause inflammatory responses!

One of the strongest pro-inflammatory biomarkers that grow in the presence of overconsumption is Leukotriene B4. This powerful compound has shown to:

  • Disrupt Cellular Function
  • Oxidize Metabolic Processes
  • Spark Harmful Enzymes
  • Stimulate Neutrophil Migration
  • Foster Inflammation

One study followed 14 people diagnosed with the inflammatory disease, rheumatoid arthritis. These participants took part in intermittent fasting. Results found that fasting had a number of positive effects on the subjects. In particular, they produced less of the compound, Leukotriene B4.

  1. Fasting Causes a Clean Slate for CBD

When we consume a lot of food, it puts our digestive system in a tailspin. The more we eat, the more solid material your body needs to break down. If the quality of this food is poor, then we miss out on a lot of nutrition. As food sits backlogged, the solid material on top of the pile oxidizes. Therefore, we lose a lot of the nutrients we consume before we are able to actually use them. This is especially true for supplements.

One of the greatest benefits of fasting is that your body has a clean slate. This means that whatever you consume gets dibs on the digestive tract. That is why I start each day with one cup of Hempworx CBD Coffee.

On days where you are denying yourself sustenance, it’s important that whatever you do consume is nutrient-dense. CBD is a complete protein. It contains all 21 amino acids, including the nine essential ones our body can’t create on its own. Therefore, we are getting the nutrition needed to:

  • Improve Cellular Function
  • Balance Hormones
  • Create Muscle
  • Decrease Hunger
  • Calm Anxiety
  • Fight Inflammation

When you fast, you give whatever you consume free rein of the gut. To fight inflammation, this is the ideal moment to consume CBD.

Studies show that CBD has potent anti-inflammatory capabilities. With your body not working overtime breaking down food, it will be able to reap the benefits of CBD. In turn, your body will increase bioavailability, upping the nutritional potency of anything you do consume once you break the fast.

  1. CBD is Rich in Antioxidants

Inflammations are opportunistic. They’re like little rats that are looking for a hole in the wall so they can find a place to grow. The only difference is that the hole in the wall is little openings in between piles of dead tissue and cells. This is why we need antioxidants.

Once inflammations form, they open the door for free radicals. From there, the free radicals start the long process of fostering a disease. The biggest enemy of these opportunistic microbes is antioxidants.

Sure, you’ve heard about zinc and Vitamin C. However, studies show that CBD is one of the strongest antioxidants out there. When inflammations pop up, the vapors of these intruders will set off cannabinoid receptors. These receptors send signals out to the system. Based on how the brain interprets the message, we will feel the symptoms of the inflammation.

Cannabinioid receptors are the reason why our skin flakes during a bout of eczema, we feel anxious under stress, of nauseous when we get food poisoning. When we consume CBD, it senses these stressed signals and makes its way to save the day.

With the objective of bringing homeostasis to the system, CBD stimulates the receptors to take our mind off the symptoms. However, CBD also works on clearing the body of the debris that caused the inflammation in the first place. This BOGO deal makes CBD a more versatile antioxidant than its buddies Vitamin C and zinc.

  1. CBD Inhibits 2 Top Inflammatory Biomarkers

You know why CBD coffee goes so well with dry fasting? Where one fails, the other picks up the slack. Remember how I said dry fasting can deplete the growth of pro-inflammatory biomarker,  Leukotriene B4? CBD sees that precursor to inflammation and raises you two more.

That’s right, CBD inhibits two more dangerous cytokines. CBD has shown promise in stopping the growth and spread of calcitonin gene-related protein (CGRP) and OX-42. This is major for those fighting inflammatory responses. These peptides not only spring inflammations but can facilitate the onset of many life-threatening conditions.

Fight Inflammation with CBD Coffee and Dry Fasting

The only way to fight inflammation is to give your body break. Stop overloading your system with food. Let it breathe, sort things out, and fend for itself. You will notice that not only will the inflammations cease, but you’ll drop some extra pounds too!

While you have a clean slate, that is the time to start good habits. With nothing else bogging down your digestive tract, let CBD coffee be the first nutrition to hit your gut. Not only will CBD help clear out any inflammations fasting misses, but it lays the groundwork for increase bioavailability of nutrients. This will go a long way in helping you feel great…and look great too!

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