How Chaga and CBD Oil Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee for Weight Loss

How Chaga and CBD Oil Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee for Weight Loss

Many of us should celebrate coffee with our heads held high. After all, coffee is an antioxidant-rich drink that gives us the energy we need to seize the day. Yet, a number of coffee drinkers consider their morning cup of brew a guilty pleasure. Why shouldn’t they?

The amount of creamer and sugar the average person puts in a cup is just begging to clog up your gut. These little extras turn a healthy morning treat into diabetic shock by lunch. This is depressing considering the fact coffee should have you up and moving. You know, burning calories?

Well, with CBD and chaga mushrooms you can now have your morning coffee and burn off weight too. That’s right! This immersion of coffee, chaga, and CBD is a weight loss dream come true.

Together, these three have antioxidant abilities that will get your body in line with your mind. With everything in place, you’ll be ready to take on the world and shed some pounds all at once. Let’s take a look at how chaga and CBD oil make a perfect cup of coffee for weight loss.

Chaga Mushroom and Weight Loss

This is one of those rare occasions where you might actually know more about CBD than anything else in the article. So, let’s dive into chaga mushrooms. These fungi have long been used in Russian medicine. They grow on birch trees, thriving in cold climates such as Siberia. This pathogen gets into broken bark and destroys the heart of the tree, effectively killing it.

One’s trash is another’s treasure. This tree parasite actually kills bad bacteria in our gut as well. No wonder why chaga mushroom’s scientific name is Inonotus obliquus. Chaga mushrooms carve out obliques!

With its charcoal-like texture, chaga mushrooms are 98.6% polysaccharides. These are our main energy sources. Combined with a cup of coffee, you should have the energy to take on a Marathon…or at least a few laps around the block.

What’s most distinctive about polysaccharides are the roles they play in the gut microbiota. As we consume harmful foods (such as fatty creamers and artificial sugars), they tend to clog up our system. The good bacteria in our body only knows how to break down whole foods. Therefore, these synthetic and fatty foods lay dormant, springing infections, and ultimately fostering harmful bacteria.

Harmful bacteria leads to the growth of fat tissue in the gut. However, polysaccharides help fight off bad bacteria. In turn, they facilitate the growth of probiotic bacteria. In particular, polysaccharides develop an environment suitable for Bacteroidetes. Research on this probiotic strain indicates that Bacteroidetes plays a signification role in digestion and nutrient absorption.

On top of that, studies also indicate that probiotics increase lipid production of a compound known as ANGPTL4. This protein dictates how triglycerides (energy) are stored in fatty tissues. Therefore, it helps your body prioritize your energy so that you burn it off more efficiently. Naturally, less fat tissues build up. Your body burns off calories without you having to lift a finger!

Chaga Mushroom and Inflammation

At the root of all disease is inflammation. This includes the excess pounds you have in your gut. Think for a moment. Wouldn’t “inflamed” be a good word to describe that excess bulge?

Luckily for you, chaga mushrooms have proven to be proficient anti-inflammatories. There are 215 unique compounds found inside of all mushrooms that no plant or animal can boast. They carry specific classes within species of:

  • Lipids
  • Polyphenols
  • Polysaccharides
  • Polysaccharopeptides
  • Terpenes

The rare combination of biochemicals within the genetic makeup of chaga mushrooms activate a number of microorganisms. In particular, they facilitate the growth of cytokines. These are chemicals that are known to fight:

  • Allergens
  • Inflammations
  • Pathogens

These anti-inflammatory effects are proven successful in helping mammals lose a weight. One study found that the water-soluble matter inside of chaga promotes lipolysis. This is when triglycerides stored in adipose (fat) tissue are combined with sugar. In turn, this burns off more fat.

CBD and Inflammation

Now onto CBD and their role with inflammations. With all the food we consume, our gut lining take a beating. As a result, many dead tissue and cells lie with all the indigestible foods clogging up our colon. One way to help relieve this issue is collagen.

CBD coffee facilitates the mRNA expression of a protein known as the Plod1 gene. As this gene is complete, its byproducts are enzymes. One of these enzymes is responsible for breaking down the fatty acid, lysine. As lysine becomes hydroxylated, it secretes the protein, collagen.

Collagen creates the structure of our cells, bones, and gut lining. Therefore, it helps heal the tissues damaged by our food choices. In turn, fewer inflammations spur up. This will cause less weight gain.

CBD and Weight Loss

Cannabinoids are known to facilitate a natural process in the body known as fat-browning. This is when the system takes dormant adipose tissues and transform them into a beige-hued substance. When this happens, the fat cells burn more energy. As a result, you naturally shed pounds plus the energy (and will) to shred even more!

On top of that, CBD can help regulate blood sugar. This is a byproduct of fat-browning. With less white tissue in the system, glucose tolerance organically improves. These results are further exasperated by a cannabinoid found in CBD called THCV.

THCV decreases insulin resistance in the system. As a result, oxygenated blood cells are circulated more efficiently, extending to further reaching extremities. This includes in areas burrowed with artificial ingredients and last week’s McDonald’s.

By getting red blood cells there, they can help aid the toxins out of the system and make room for the collagen to reach the gut lining. From there, your weight loss worries should start to subside.

Drinking CBD Changa Coffee

Now that you know the benefits of CBD and the benefits of chaga, let’s talk about how they accentuate one another. The great thing about CBD is it compliments all phytochemicals. Studies have proven that CBD has an entourage effect when it chemically reacts with other plant-based compounds. That means all the weight loss benefits of chaga are further exasperated when they are combined with CBD coffee.

Now, trying to lose weight by dousing your joe with cream and sugar is like a dog chasing its tail. You are doing yourself a disservice. I totally get the bitterness of black coffee may turn you off. So, amp up the taste levels naturally with CBD Keto Creamer.

CBD Keto Creamer contains all-natural stevia and MCT oil for your sweet and creamy needs. As the name “Keto” implies, you won’t gain weight. It’s actually formulated to help you shed some pounds.

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