CBD Oil for Menopause

CBD Oil for Menopause

Menopause, if you’re a woman of a certain age, you know the symptoms: can’t sleep, standing naked in front of an open refrigerator, painful intercourse. Comedians make these symptoms the subjects of their monologues. Every sitcom with an older woman mentions them at one time or another. Still, there’s only so far humor can take a woman when she hits that delightful milestone.

I was lucky, like my mother, I didn’t go through “the change” until my fifties, but then it landed on me like a lion on its prey. I slept fitfully, sweated profusely and avoided sex. None of the over the counter remedies did much good, and after reading up on hormone replacement therapy (HRT), I decided it wasn’t for me.
Then, I tried CBD oil.

A girlfriend of mine named Melba suffered from the same symptoms, and she praised CBD oil to me. It sounded kind of off the wall to me, and so I didn’t try it the first time she mentioned it.

However, after a girl’s night out, she crashed at my house, and I noticed that whenever I got up, she was sleeping like the proverbial baby. So, in the early morning hours, I got online and started doing some research.

I quickly discovered that there are several types of cannabinoids: the cannabinoid found in marijuana contains THC, the ingredient in marijuana that makes folks high; the cannabinoid found in CBD (which is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol) contains little, if any, THC. CBD can be made from marijuana, but most CBD used in products found online is made from industrial hemp.

If you buy it from a reputable source and use it for health reasons, you don’t have to worry about whether your purchase is legal.

When Melba got up, I asked her what she uses, and she recommended four products:

• An oil, she takes three drops every other day.
Skin cream, for everyday use.
• A pain relief cream, Melba also has arthritis.
• A CBD lubricant.

When Melba left, I did some more research. I decided to buy a bottle of 500 mg oil and a tube of lubricant. After reading several articles and visiting a few websites, I found a seller that offers CBD made from hemp grown in the United States. Full spectrum means that the products contain a vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber.

They also contain flavonoids, these are particularly beneficial to older women because they have antioxidants and work somewhat like a weak form of estrogen.
When my order arrived, I started off slowly. The right CBD oil dosage depends on the person.

I used a drop every eight hours the first day, and finally settled on two drops taken orally every other day. (Later I bought a bottle for my partner, and since we keep our bottles separate, both of us just put the oil directly on our tongues.) In about two weeks, I noticed that my insomnia and hot flashes had decreased; in three weeks, the drop-off in symptoms was significant.

The lube showed benefits immediately. Intercourse was less painful, and my vaginal tissues seemed suppler. I figured with those kind of results, maybe buying a jar of skin cream was in order. I ordered a jar of pain cream, too.

The skin cream and pain cream can be kind of pricey, so I don’t slather them all over myself. I use the skin cream on my neck and any other place that is noticeably crepey. I save the pain cream for nights when I can’t sleep, or before intensive exercise.

Now, like Melba, I’ve become a walking testimonial for CBD oil and creams. I’m probably past the problems caused by menopause, but at my age, painful intercourse and extremely dry skin are companions for life. So, CBD oil is now a friend for life, too.

-Susan M.


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