Can CBD Help Lyme Disease, Strep Throat, & Meningitis

How CBD Oil May Help Lyme Disease, Strep Throat, & Meningitis- Misha Almira

How CBD Oil May Help Lyme Disease, Strep Throat, & Meningitis

Do you know somebody who has Lyme disease, strep throat, or meningitis? If so, you should know that their complaints about the pain and inflammation aren’t exaggerated.

They may have tried all usual the treatments like gargling with salt water, which can relieve strep throat symptoms, or aggressive antibiotic treatments, which are usually recommended for early Lyme disease.

However, the problem with most home remedies is that they can wear off rather quickly, leaving the sufferer reaching for more salt water.

Meningitis involves inflammation of the membranes that cushion the brain and doctors have to pin down the exact cause before they can recommend a course of treatment.

It usually goes away in less than 2 weeks with proper treatment, but the symptoms make sufferers feel like they have a severe migraine.

You probably won’t want to wait the three days it usually takes for most treatments to start reducing the symptoms and, if you dislike relying on pain relief and anti-inflammation pills, then you might see why CBD oil might be an attractive alternative.

CBD Oil Can Relieve The Symptoms

CBD oil can help ease the pain and inflammation of Lyme disease, strep throat, and especially meningitis.

With meningitis, it’s really the inflammation that causes the pain because the sufferer’s skull only has so much extra room and the membranes can swell so much that they push up against the inside of the skull.

Sometimes inflammation is a normal and healthy response to trauma because it means the immune system is working to fight infection.

However, because the symptoms of meningitis are comparable to a severe migraine and can cause damage by effectively squeezing the brain and membranes if it is severe enough, it’s usually desirable to reduce the inflammation and fight the infection with antibiotics instead.

Due to the nature of strep throat, sufferers of this condition should consider a form of CBD oil that they can either swallow easily, or take in a form that they don’t have to swallow, such as a tincture or ointment.

When combined with home remedies that can help avoid dehydration and keep the throat clear, CBD oil can help reduce the inflammation in the throat and make it easier to breathe.

The difficulty with treating Lyme disease is that it has a relapse rate of up to 50% when treated with antibiotics and most sufferers do not recall a tick bite that might have caused it.

The medical community will usually treat the symptoms without even knowing what the cause is because Lyme disease is not necessarily the first thing that physicians look for without a definite tick bite.

This isn’t necessarily helpful when the symptoms include severe depression and suicidal thoughts. However, some anecdotal evidence suggests that a CBD oil paste can help fight Lyme disease.

How Can CBD Oil Treat Pain And Inflammation?

CBD oil takes a two-pronged approach to the problem by dulling nerves’ response to conditions that cause pain and going after the immune system’s role in causing the inflammation that is the critical symptom in conditions like meningitis.

The active ingredients in CBD oil are called cannabinoids and can work with the nervous system, including the brain, to reduce the worst of the pain and inflammation.

If possible, be sure to look for a variation of cannabis oil that is low in THC and high in CBD to get the good benefits of cannabinoids without the “high” produced by marijuana.

The exact form and dosage of CBD oil that is effective can vary between individuals.

A meningitis sufferer should consider the fact that nausea is often a symptom of meningitis and tweak both form and dosage to suit.

Because it’s the equivalent of an OTC medicine, CBD oil is unregulated and some brands dilute the oil more than others, but the equivalent of a few drops of CBD oil will usually be effective.

If you’ve tried everything else for your meningitis, Lyme disease, or strep throat symptoms and nothing worked, CBD oil may be worth a try for treating the associated pain and inflammation.

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