Can CBD Oil Enhance Fracture Healing?

Can CBD Oil Enhance Fracture Healing

Can CBD Oil Enhance Fracture Healing?

With medical marijuana becoming legalized across America at a rapid pace, we have heard of the many therapeutic uses of cannabis. From combating PTSD to fighting off cancerous cells to relieving anxiety, cannabis has brought much needed relief to millions of people. Now what if I told you cannabis can also enhance fracture healing? Wait…What can’t this plant do? That’s right. Read on to learn about how you can use CBD oil to enhance fracture healing.

Dealing with Fractures

We’ve all sprained, banged, twisted, and pulled things. However, have you ever experienced an actual fracture? While there are many types of fractures out there, at its core a fracture is a broken bone. A fracture technically happens when there is a force exerted on it that is stronger than the actual bone itself. This outside force causes “the break.”

Whether a fracture has happened to you or not, you can easily imagine how it must feel if you just broke a bone. Ow! Not the best thing in the world to imagine, huh?

Now, picture.What are the many feelings that go through a person when they fracture a bone? Just brainstorming, some of these feelings may include:

  • Physical Pain from the Actual Break
  • Depression from Being Immobile Following Break
  • Stress About How to Get Back to Everyday Tasks
  • Restless Sleep From Discomfort

All of these repercussions alone makes me want to wrap myself in bubble wrap…and yet these problems have nothing to do with the actual broken bone and its journey towards healing.

Luckily, CBD oil on its own can help ease the symptoms of all the aforementioned consequences of fracturing a bone. That alone makes CBD oil a savior. However, CBD oil can also help speed up the bones’ healing process.

What was it that I said? Oh yeah! Is there anything CBD oil can’t do? Apparently not. Let’s explain!

CBD Regulates Bone Mass

The reason why medical marijuana has become such a widely accepted practice of medicine is because it clearly exhibits the ability to bring balance to the body. Balance is achieved because the cannabinoids present in CBD oil interact with an area in our bodies called the endocannabinoid system.

Our endocannabinoid system governs many functions and organs all over our body. This covers everything from pain sensations to hormone production to appetite. One of the little known effects CBD oil has on the endocannabinoid system is its ability to regulate bone mass.

Within the endocannabinoid system is a receptor known as GPR55. GPR55 oversees the osteoclast process in bone production. During osteoclast, larger bone cells absorb bone minerals such as tissue. When this happens, it facilitates growth of the bone and strengthens it as well.

Cannabinoids in CBD stimulate the GPR55 receptor, making the process more efficient. In turn, healing time from a bone fracture should speed up as a result.

CBD Oil Migrates Stem Cells

On top of stimulating GPR55, CBD also has a great relationship with endocannabinoid receptor CB2. When CB2 gets activated by CBD, it enhances their ability to move along mesenchymal stem cells.

These stem cells are important for the body to heal. They are multipotent, meaning they can transform into a number of specialized cells. This includes osteoblasts, or bone cells.

As CBD acts as a collie, keeping the sheep of mesenchymal stem cells in line, they start to create the calcified bones we need to give our limbs support. Giving structure to these cells, they start to take over the area where the fracture occurred, creating a healthier bone in its place.

CBD Oil Strengthens Bones

Not only does CBD oil speed up the healing process, but it may also help strengthen the new bone in its place. Studies have found that the new bone will actually be harder to break than the original.

This happens because CBD oil stimulates mRNA expression of the Plod1 gene. This is protein coding used in osteoblast cultures…meaning it makes bones. During this process, this gene encodes an enzyme which catalyzes lysine hydroxylation. When this happens, collagen enzymes and created. These stabilize the bone, making it sturdier than ever before!

What to Look Out for with THC and Fractures

While CBD oil can help strengthen and repair broken bones, overconsumption of marijuana can lead to weakening bones. Many studies have confirmed that smoking marijuana habitually over time, just like smoking cigarettes, can lead to a decrease in bone density. So, while you might feel better toking up after a bad fall, you might not get the desired results you would get from treating your injuries with CBD oil on its own.

That’s because CBD oil doesn’t contain THC. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component that makes recreational marijuana so fun. However, studies have shown that THC may reverse some of the bone-healing effects of CBD. So, if you are mending a fracture with CBD oil, lay off of the THC until you are back to your old self…or better.

CBD Oil Enhances Fracture Healing

So there you have it. An all-natural remedy that not only handles the discomfort, anger, and depression that comes with a broken bone, but also enhances fracture healing. So much of our bone mass and healing process is regulated by the endocannabinoid system. Having something as powerful as CBD oil to communicate with it can make getting over a fracture a much more tolerable experience.

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Thank you for reading. I hope this has been helpful.

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